San Diego Model A Restorations in Progress



A complete differential rebuild was necessary.

Mike's on the road again, but with a much lighter wallet.

Keep watching as we keep track of repairs at Hansen's Garage.
The Books are making plans for the trip to Loveland, CO for the MAFCA National Convention in June. Recent work included a Mitchell Overdrive, complete brake overhaul, new 21” rims and Goodyear tires, High Compression head, cowl lights and turn signals. Plans are being made for the installation of seatbelts and new door latches in the near future. Richard’s comment at the January tour was “never driven a Model A with such good brakes”. He also commented with the overdrive he was able to drive 60+ MPH and the engine RPM was only 1700. We will be seeing more of Richard & Janet as they continue to enjoy their new Model A Sport Coupe.

New Mitchell 36% Overdrive

Gary Karr's A3261 December 1927 Restoration
Gary has been collecting parts and working on his mid-December 1927, A3261 for 12 years now.  This is going to be a fine point Standard Coupe when Gary finishes his restoration.  Gary can be found working on it at Mark Williamson's most every Saturday or Sunday.

Arlyn Bieber's 1931 Victoria Restoration

Arlyn is restoring his 31 Vicky for the MAFCA meet in Loveland Colorado in June, this should be a very high point restoration.

Arlyn held a Saturday technical seminar on installing a top on a 1931 Victoria

After placing top material in the sun they carefully unfolded to center on the car.

Once the material was stretched out and placed, the car was rolled into the direct sun where the first nail was hammered part way in.

Then working from the back, the material was stretched and nailed to complete the installation.  All the nails were not hammered flush, the car was then rolled back in the garage to cool for a few days to see if any wrinkles appear.  If any adjustments are needed the tacks can be pulled out easily for adjustment.  Then the material can be trimmed ready for the trim to be installed.